Ingenious & Wonderful Vintage Reworks

Hunting for beautiful and rare Vintage, Antiques, Reworks and unique Handmade items is something I really enjoy. There are amazing, products out there, I find that I have to control myself to avoid turning this hobby into an obsession and end up looking like a hoarder.

During my search I have come across some  wonderful ingenious creations. I’ would like to share with you the few of my of favourite. Please share, comment if you know a few others.

Here are some examples from Upcycling Emporium :
They sell cleverly restored and reworked Vintage furniture.

old wooden trunk
is now a stunning coffee table with storage!
 old, tired and useless cupboard door.
now an awesome chalkboard

The Upcycling Emporium have other ingenious reworks which are great ideas for your vintage interior ideas. Just visit them on facebook or Etsy

Seating with style from Rescued Retro Vintage
They sell unique stylish one-off pieces of furniture and design lovingly and cleverly restored.

Beautiful and creative
60s Original Dunn and Co Crombie Tweed Woolen
Overcoat Covered Chair

This are definitely on-off pieces, because where else are you going to find this particular items but on Rescued Retro Vintage. To see more extraordinary pieces or to purchase Their amazing creations go to Etsy 

Unique Tea Experiences with Tipsy Tea Cups.
They found their inspiration after being served cocktails in similar teacups at a stylish hotel. This Tipsy Teacups are great for decoration or to serve champaign jelly dessert to guest in a very unique and stylish way. Also great for soups or any other types of starters.

Absolutely loved these designs when i first saw them, I had to share. To own your own Tipsy Tea Cups just visit Tipsy TeaCups website. You will also find other exquisite partterns to choose from.

Can my Bum fit in this Suitcase
Upcycled Seating by Recreate Very tastefully reworked vintage suitcase turned into a sofa

Beautifully Unique Blue vintage suitcase  sofa

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this amazing creations and do not forget to share JiJJy’s Maison.

2 thoughts on “Ingenious & Wonderful Vintage Reworks

  1. Thanks for sharing this, how lovely are thes unique pieces. I just made my husband throw out a old suit like that, would have been great to run it to a antique chair .

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