Hell on Wheels

Another amazing new Western TV series to get us glued on to our screens and do nothing else constructive, damn them. The Gripping tale is set in 1860- post American civil war; A confederation soldier’s beautiful wife is killed by Union soldiers, and he embarks on a quest of revenge.

The soldier ends up in a lawless, hell hole of a town called Nebraska; during the building of the transcontinental rail road- a project being headed by the Notorious Thomas Durant (acted by Colm Meaney). The project is in danger of being destroyed by the Cheyenne and Sioux tribes who are not happy that the rail road is being built on their land.

Thomas Durant Railroad Top Dog acted by Colm Meaney

Cullen Bohannon the soldier( acted by the Hunky Anson Mount), goes through a breakneck turn of events whilst on his mission to avenge his wife’s Murder.

“The Soldier” Cullen Bohannon acted by Anson Mount

The series was created by +Endemol France for American movie classics (AMC) the acclaimed production company  behind +Mad Men , +Breaking Bad and +Walking Dead .

Proudly- two British actors have taken the leading role; Irish actor Colm Meaney and +Dominique McElligot who acts as the sensitive but strong Lily Bell – who’s husband was killed by the Cheyenne tribes during a ride in their camp.

Lily Bell acted by Dominique McElligott

Hell on wheels was premièred in the US in Nov 6 th 2011 and is aired in the UK on Turner Classic Movies (TCM)
A Must See

also starring in the series-COMMON as Elam Furgason
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