Antique Crystal glass Decanter

This is beautiful unusually patterned cut glass decanter, it caught my eye the instance i walked in to the store. With its circular moulds the decanter differs from the usual diamond cut crystal decanters. It is a little heavy and stands at 36 cm in height and 16 cm at its widest.

The stunning footed crystal decanter has no markings. The circular cut pattern reminds me of the Richard and Hartley Flint opalescent glass- some of his creations have similar circular patterns.

Richard and Hartley Opalescent Glass Ca 1888

Difference is- with the decanter-its circular moulds are random and different in sizes unlike the R&H which has perfect rows.

This lovely piece is from Jane’s Attic- a lovely little vintage Store in Woodstreet market┬áin the charming Antiques City Market, Walthamstow London. She Sells beautiful shabby chic furniture, among many other things.

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