The Old Artistry Launch Party

The Old Artistry launch event was held on the 15th June 2013 at the stores address in woodstreet market, Walthamstow. Champaign and Afternoon Tea, I have to stress on the scrumptious Tea Cakes- Ultimate indulgence.

I was very happy to receive an invite to the launch- from the lovely Lucy and it was a pleasure to join her fans in making this day happen as well as see her Art work up close- Refreshing.

The Launch:

The Old Artistry is a vintage/antiques goods boutique, where she also creates and sells her exhilarating Masterpieces. Lucy’s art work is what reels you in when passing the boutique. She describes her artwork as New age watercolours of tattoos or tattooed individuals, mainly Victorian- Lucy is drawn by how controversial the image comes across. Her talent is both extensible and adventurers.
Lucy’s passion for drawing started at a very young age, as she grow up her talent greatly excelled. When I asked her what inspires her when drawing, she articulated: “my inspiration derives from my love of tattoos which in mainstream living still has a stigma attached to it. I don’t think in my lifetime tattoos will ever be considered by the generic public as Art, but more of a lifestyle“. Lucy’s Concept is to take the aesthetic of  tattoos to a middle class audience and when framed and displayed- it will actually be seen as fine Art.
Lucy TrueLove- The Artist behind the Masterpieces
Ninety nine percent of Lucy’s art comes from imagination, as a clients you are able to commission her to create a bespoke Art works, Indian Crafted Paper of the highest quality, water colours pen and ink are her mediums. Other Art Materials can be used to match clients requirements to create high standard timeless pieces.
Portrait of Amy Wine House
Lucy’s Art has developed exceedingly over the years; after exploring so many mediums and subjects she is  pleased with her work and is still seeking new inspirations.
What does Lucy enjoy most about her work? she loves how she has been able to take a medium which is generally used to create waves of colourful watermarks and used it in the opposite way. The launch of The Old Artistry was a way of telling the world who The Old Artistry are, what they do, share their Beautiful Art with the world as well as celebrate its birth.
I asked Lucy what the future holds for The Old Artistry:– she envisages  the Vintage, Antique and Art Boutique- growing as a commercial outfit; they are currently designing a clothes brand to be sourced by British manufacturers, contributing in improving the British economy is a subject she is passionate about.
What does One do in their spare time? Socialising, Dinners and visiting Vintage cafes- she says. Lucy feels she should have been born in Italy, she loves their way of life, their food, and the people. I’m with her on that one. One of her life’s motto is stop, look around and appreciate the beauty around us. I believe so to.
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