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My Favourite Ginger Liqueur- last bootle

On my weekender at Hadrian’s wall I managed to visit some souvenir shops, explore them is a must – which sometimes raffles the guys feathers a little- they nicknamed me shopperholic. I am not really, as you all know   there are quite a few vintage shops in the country side. it would be a shame not to visit them and find out what treasures they posses.

First shop I visited was at Birdoswald on our last day. I was hoping to get some souvenirs for my nieces and nephews, never the less they happened to be offering customers samples of their new liqueur and wine beverages. They had a few exciting fruit flavours to choose from- my favourite being the Ginger liqueur. We all bought a few bottles and until this day I cannot stop broadcasting to everyone about this Delish  drinks from Lyme bay Wineries .
Lyme Bay Wineries is situated in Shute, Axminister in beautiful Devon.  They use traditional recipes and still the latest production techniques to produce delectable wines, liqueurs and ciders.
variety Fruit Flavoured Liqueurs
Elderberry Port Liqueur
My Ginger flavoured Liqueur especially went down well after a dinner party at my flat with friends.You know what this means- I have to order some more.  Keep some for Gifts and some for Future dinner parties. (It is known that Ginger after food helps with digestion and Liqueur is also known to do the same).
If you have never heard of Lyme bay Wineries- I would advice you go on their website and order at least two of your favourite flavours and try it out. I guarantee you will not be disappointed and please mention that you heard about this amazing beverages from JiJJy’s Maison first and I will be looking for my dinner invitation 🙂
Jijjy’s Maison advices to
please drink responsibly 

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