Hadrian’s Wall Wkend- stayed at Willowford B&B

Really enjoyed this trip to the Hadrian’s Wall– organised by a good friend of ours. Although it was still snowing like mad, it was a good idea to just get out of London and kill the winter blues. Sharing my Trips away is a decision i made just recently; my time was pre-occupied with blogging for a fashion Magazine, which was a pleasure, plans to embark on my vintage lifestyle blog was constantly being derailed.

Excitedly, here we are now. Hadrian’ wall was built by the Romans as a defence fortification around AD 122. It was built by emperor Hadrian- hence the name Hadrian’s Wall. Built through the wall were gates  which were also used as custom posts for trade and Taxes.

Quite a fair bit of the wall still remains today, people come from all over the world to see the wall. It is very popular with Hikers and walkers who challenge themselves by walking the 117 km (73 miles) over several days, as well as enjoying the history of the area.

I have been to quite a few Hikes over 3 year, and i list it as one of my favourites- in terms of terrain, landscapes and history. One of the famous land marks we got to see is the tree where a scene from the earliest Robin Hood movie was filmed.  The views were amazing as well even with the snow. I insist that everyone should visit, you will not be disappointed.

Scene from Robin Hood the Movie filmed here.

We took advantage of the bank holiday – (March 29th to 31st, 2013), Accommodation was at the Charming Willow Ford Farm in Cumbria, which was quite handy since it was situated very close to part of the wall. The Hadrian wall winds past the farm and down the Irthing valley towards Birdoswald Roman Fort. Rooms at the Willowford Farm are beautifully decorated and comfortable with underfloor heating for cold weather, and Skyline windows for the lovely sun to wonderfully stroke you in the early hours of the morning.  Served in the morning was a scrumptious organic breakfast- early enough especially since you want to start your walks early. (All the food served at the B&B is organic). You’ll get a very warm welcome from the ever-so-adorable resident Pets, snow ball the black and white cat and two border collie black and white dogs. I really do miss those little rascals as well as the trip.

Willow Ford Farm B&B

The Group will not forget the Kind hearted B&B owner picking us up after 11 miles of the hike, this was a result of us being over ambitious and trying to do 15 miles in 6 hours and as you can already guess – the challenge was not achieved and we didn’t want to miss Dinner :D. Also watch out for the lovely pets insisting on accompanying you to your walks. we tried all evasive maneuvers, tricking them and locking the gates behind them but they managed to wriggle their way through. At some point, we got scolded by a sheep owner for bringing “Our” pet dogs near his lambing sheep- hilarious since its not our blooming dog. We all were in fits of laugher.

Snow Ball from Willowford Farm B&B

One of the Border Collie from B&B

The B&B is also located near the willowford foot bridge– it is known that the bridge was airlifted into position in 1999 and has won a number of engineering and design awards and has appeared on the cover of ordnance survey L86 map. Day 3 of the hike we crossed this bridge, as well- we had the privilege of visiting Birdoswald Roman Fort– at birdoswald there’s a souvenir shop that also sells delicious liqueurs in different fruity flavour. Lyme Bay Wineries are the masters behind these delectable Liqueurs. I recommend the ginger flavour. You’ll be ordering them by the crates once you finish your first bottle.

Such an amazing weekend trip it was that one of the group members decided to stay one more day.

If you do decide to check out Hadrian’s Wall I recommend the Willow Ford Farm. Book in advance since it does get full.

Photos by: JiJJy’s Maison

28 thoughts on “Hadrian’s Wall Wkend- stayed at Willowford B&B

    1. IT was Ishani, very picturesque, that was only a section of, i.e just a few kilometers of the wall…interesting history as well…

  1. The Hadrian’s wall view is spectacular. I appreciated the tips you shared, perfect for first time travelers like me. Thanks:) Carla

    1. I am really glad to share this spot with travelers like you Carla :), if you do choose to stay at the cottage mentioned. Please mention Jijjysmaison. x

    1. Yes Hiking Singh, it was pretty long. For the weekend we only managed to cover a few kilometers of the wall. They say it takes a whole week for a serious hiker to walk and tour the whole wall. Amazing history…

    1. Yes Allison, It was a wonderful place.I highly recommend it. If you choose to stay at the cozy Willowford farm. Kindly mention Jijjysmaisonblog

  2. Although I have many friends in the UK, I haven’t heard about Hadrian’s Wall before. I like hiking very much, so I’ll have one more place to visit when I head to Britain 🙂 Great quality of pictures!

    1. Thank you Bibi, You must add it to you list of places to visit. Check out the Willowford farm for sure and mention Jijjysmaison.

  3. Wineries, a great B&B, and unbelievable views…that is the kind of 3 day hike I want to take. I am so jealous because we never got to see the Hadrian’s Wall when we traveled the U.K. But I actually would love to return for a 3 day “trek” along this old roman structure. However, I will have to go in the late spring/early summer cause it looks a wee bit nippy!

    1. OOooh yes, the views were really nice. True it looks nippy and that was spring. There was still some snow around. Definitely give it a go and add it to your list of travels. Visiting in summer will be such a treat for sure…

    1. Thank you Fran. I was having a lucky day and my camera was behaving, not forgetting the views were naturally picturesque. I definitely recommend a visit here. Not many people think of going there…

  4. I am fond of exploring the area by walking hiking. Spending a couple of days at Willowford farm is surely my liking with rustic environs.

    1. It really was a rustic and charming environment. Your mind just relaxes and all you want to here is the sound of the wind and trees. There is a very friendly dog and cat at Willowford farm who will want to follow you on your day hike 😀 hahaha

  5. How cool is it that you saw the tree where the original Robin Hood movie was filmed?! Maybe just cool to a nerd like me, ha! Definitely a hike worth taking it seems.

    1. Yes, I am a bit of a nerd hence the excitement to show that hahaha, the group was excited to take pictures there. So we decided to relax there for a while….

  6. Wow! what a place! I have never heard of Hadrian’s Wall honestly, it’s my first time discovering and knowing more information about it. Its truly beautiful there and the Will Ford Farm is stunning!

    1. Pleasure to share this Interesting history, picturesque views and the charming willowford farm…. 😀

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