Dior’s Wonderland at Harrods

As Fashionistas out there know that this year April Dior took over the whole of Harrod’s 4th floor. Dior was known to nourish a love for England from a very young age. His passion for British elegance stayed him for ever- this was expressed beautifully at the pop up Dior  exhibition in Harrods.

Fourth floor of Harrods department store was transformed into Dior Wonderland, showcasing dresses worn in the past by Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn. Miniature versions of famous land marks were present and videos explaining the concept behind the brands campaign. As you enter the exhibition first thing you encounter is this huge vintage style doll house; when you peek through it find that there are little apartments furnished with lovely french style furniture as well as Dior perfume bottles.

Worn by Aurdrey Hepburn in 1959 for Harper’s Bazaar

Worn ny Elizabeth Taylor in 1961 at the Academy Awards

And that wasnt all, the piece de resistance was the miniature theater- (a representation of one previously set up by Harrods in 1953); on it were not less that 40 or Dior’s vintage Haut Couture’s most celebrated gowns.delightfully tell the history of the legendary couture house.

Diors Miniature Haut Couture Silhouettes
Minitature Theater
More Of Dior’s Miniature Haut Couture Gowns

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