Breath taking Capo Di Monte Porcelain Vase

Old Capo de Monte big vase 11”/10”

I’d like to share with you a really beautiful antique find. If you are deep in the world of antique collecting then you have heard of Capo-Di-Monte; first established by king Charles III of Naples; the factory was in operation from 1743 to 1759.
When King Charles the III succeeded the throne of Spain, he left Naples; Operations were suspended between 1759 to 1771 but thanks to King Ferdinand IV the factory was re-established at Villa Reale at Portici. 1773 saw the move of the factory back to Naples where the state took control and supported it until 1807, sold the factory, then in 1821 it was closed.

Above is a stunning Old Capo Di Monte Big Vase that is going on sale at Antique and Collectibles for Sale

Its definitely a work of art. what caught my eye is the lavish attention to detail; the beautiful ornate carving and gold gilding, the intricate mould of a family enjoying themselves in the garden. The colours of their robes and the garden really bring life into the vase; especially the rich combination of the colours golds, purple, green and orange.
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How to spot a genuine Capo Di Monte:

Look out for the Bourbon fleur de lis usually applied on the paste or painted in blue, sometimes in red or gold. This is also an indication that item was manufactured in the first period. The letter N sometimes with  or without a crown at the top- is from later periods- usually found in blue but can also be found in red. During the Portici period the Marks R,F, & “F,R,F” were used.
You will find that Modelled and applied figures are unmarked with a soft flesh tint. Ginori on the other hand is marked with a crowned “N” and the flesh tints appear flecked.

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