The BarBooty Experience at the Haberdashery

Friday 7th 2013 was a Bar-boot affair at The charming Haberdashery, down at Crouch-end north London. First time i heard about the haberdashery was on twitter, naturally i did some digging on google and found that- the charming vintage coffee shop was actually down the road from me-  Fab;

Haberdashery have also been awarded the best coffee shop, best caffeine fix by Grazia, Uks 50 best cheap eats, and top 4 lazy Sunday spots. I just loved the feeling i had when i was there. Reminded me of a cozy and charming local country cafes i visit when i go Hiking.

Haberdashery Cafe

Noticed they had quite a few events coming up. One of them being the Bar-Boot sale which i wasn’t going to miss- due to my other healthy obsession with vintage hunts. So i grabbed one of my family members and headed there. As we walked towards crouchends’s middle lane we noticed a small crowd of people under a hood awning, this was it- we eagerly joined the haberdashery cavalry.

It was nice mingling with other vintage relics- sharing important vintage opinions as well as grabbing a bargains. you were guaranteed to find anything in the small venue- pre-loved furniture, silver plated teapots, vintage clothes and jewellery.

In between grabbing bargain and blending in we indulged ourselves with Haberdashery’s irresistible cocktails. As you already know i’m an avid collector of vintage tea-sets and teacups, i did manage to find some lovely pieces.

Performing at the Bar-booty event was a Band of talented young lads called “The Carraways” from Muswell hill- who were tearing the venue down with some  skiffle-rock and roll anthems. Certainly a Bar-boot sale with a difference, not to mention i haven’t been to one quite like this one.

The Carraways Band

FYI- The HaberDash (i know call it) hosts the Bar-booties once a month so look out for them or just pop in for afternoon tea and check the place out. xoxo

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