A Very Exciting Suprise On Woodstreet Market E17

So today I went to have a look at The Old Artistry in Walthamstow; I thought it would be good to pass by there before the Launch, since I was in that area plus the sun was shining beautifully. Unfortunately the shop was shut, although, it was all OK since I still plan to go for their Launch on the 15th of this month. (I hope to see you there).

I was quite surprised at what I found there, it turns out- inside Woodstreet Indoor Market– is the “Antique City Market Collectors Corner” – once you are inside you will find little charming antique shops selling all sorts of Antiques and vintage items. If you get hungry after all the shopping there is a lovely cafe where you can have some tea & cake.

So there I was walking around really composed but inside I was like a little girl in a sweetshop. Thanks to one of the lovely shop owner who helped me find SOMEONE to speak to and get more information on the Market. – This happened to be a lovely lady- so full energy, we had a brief chat about the market and JiJJy’s Maison Blog. she decides to introduce me to two lovely ladies- owners of two of  Vintage fashion stores within the market. They turn out to be Gigi – owner of Gigi’s Dressing Room and Joanne- owner of VintageVestry. We met at the Alexandra Palace Art Deco Vintage Fair where i purchased a Beautiful 1950’s Fur Coat and Bag from them

Here is Gigi’s and a peak at Gigi’s Dressing Room:

she told mentioned i shouldn’t photograph her lovely snicker
but hey i forgot, i love them 😀
Beautiful 1930s Gown for Gigi’s Dressing Room
Vintage Dresses for Hire or  purchase at Gigi’s Dressing Room

And here is the Lovely Joanna with her Vintage Vestry.

Joanna at work
Stunning, Looks even better up close
A Peek at the Treasure in the Vintage Vestry.

It worked out well – seeing them there since i was meaning to book a visit to their stores after meeting them to see what else they had.

The Antique City – Collectors Corner- (Woodstreet Indoor Market) is a charming collectors heaven; whether you are looking for antique comics, books, Vintage Fashion or jewellery, Antique Furniture or Art, you are bound to find something of your taste.

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