Beautiful Antique (W&HS EP) Silver Plated Tea Set

The Set

Hi Vintage Collectors,

Lovely Thursday isn’t it? 
I can not believe how quick the week has gone. i hope you are all enjoying yourselves. it might be dull outside but its not that cold and its not raining :D. 
I am also really happy because i have some more invites to some vintage events. Busy Bee- that’s how i roll and i really enjoy them, its amazing the things you learn and find there that i love sharing with everyone. My family got tired of me going on about this things … Hence the blogging… :D,
I would like to share with you a few more of my #VintageFinds or #AntiqueFinds, that i bought during my Car-Booty visits a while ago, i meant to blog it but i have been a little rushed off my feet. This particular find is a Gorgeous silver plated footed Tea set comprising of Tea pot, Milk jug and Big Sugar bowl. I found it at the well known Capital Car Boot in London.  I love the way all three items have ornate feet and intricate leaf patterns on the body, its absolutely stunning. I was quite surprised no one had bought it before me since it was towards the end of the car-booty. According to the seller a lot of people were asking about it. I did see similar Tea-Sets on eBay, unfortunately other bidder won the auctions. I was hopping to get it for less, unfortunately my bargaining power was low that day, I can still say it was a fair price.
I can’t quite see clearly the Stamps on the back,  but i think it reads as, ( W & H S EP England 1395 1/2 ) on both the sugar and milk jug, the stamp on the teapot -(W & H S EP 1395 1/2 4 – inside an oval shape there is the words Patent no.19759 Handle). What i know is that the marks show that the teaset is manufactured by Walker and Hall Sheffield and EP- means that it is electroplated i also know that George Elkington and Henry Elkington were awarded first patent for electroplating in 1840s. I am hoping to find more information about Set.
Walker and Hall Sheffield Silver plated Tea Set
beautiful patterns on feet,  arm and pot itself

Sugar Bow

Milk Jug

Please feel free to comment if you have seen another Tea Pot Set like this one or if you know more about the  Year according to the stamp. You can also share more about this on Twitter @JiJJysMaison or Facebook @JijjysMaison


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