The Classic Cloche Hat

The Cloche Hat was invented in 1908 by a milliner called Caroline Reboux; the hat was made out of felt so that it conformed to the shape of the wearers head. It became popular around the 1920s until around 1933. The name cloche is derived from the french word Bell.

Cloche hats made a full comeback in the early 20th century, couture like Lanvin and Molyneux designed their cloches to match their designs. Just like in the early 19th century the Cloche hat shaped hair styles. The Cloche hat was designed to be worn on the forehead with the wearers eyes just below the rim of the hat. Year after they designed cloche summer hat which were made out of Straw or Sisal.

Usually the cloche was plain but could be decorated with appliques, they say that the different ribbons fixed on the hats indicated different messages about the wearer, for instance:

Arrow like ribbon meant a girl was single but her heart is with someone else.
A firm knot meant a girl was married
A flamboyant Bow meant a girl was single and ready to meet new people.

The Cloche hat keeps making a come back for instance 1960s, 1980s, 2007.

Pretty Cloche Hats by  Ziemska Art ( Etsy)

Angelina Jolie wearing a Cloche Hat in the Movie Changeling 2008

I want one, they are so pretty…. ­čÖé

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