Vintage (not very) Kitchen Accessory

Whilst out enjoying the lovely warm weekend,- (when i say warm i mean it has been better than the last few weeks of rain and cold)- i found a lovely Harvey Nichols Cook book stand, it must be a 1990s kitchen accessory so not very old.

It is quite strange that I was spotted it since it is not the silver or gold items I tend to be drawn to.   As you can see below it is a heavy cast iron in the shape of a tree. I actually walked past it twice but it kept catching my eye so i decided to satisfy my curiosity and inquired about it.

I felt it would be a good addition to my kitchen deco and quite stylish way to hold my cook books.

Beautiful Tree shape Cast Iron Cook Book

So its now seating in my kitchen work top i am taking it on a test drive- I’ve got my Essential Cooking cook book by Paragon on it which i got as a present from my parents who are trying to draw out of me any culinary temperaments. Its a beautiful kitchen accessory so i hope it will encourage me to do some more cooking. Me not realising what the item was is proof enough that i am challenged in the kitchen department but in the process of remedying the status. 😀

All this chat about cook books and stands has made me very hungry. I am actually going to russle up something from scratch using my cook book on my newly found cook book stand. Bon appetite.

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