Vintage Hunt at Battersea Park

Yesterday (sunday) was such a beautiful day,  -warm weather, sunshine, good moods all around. Woke up full of energy and was looking forward to going to the Battersea Park Car Booty. It was my first time there: I have always been loyal to my regular car-booties, but the change paid off because there was lots of amazing items

Firstly what you need to know when you get there is the queue outside the gate. I tell you this car-booty is popular. All I can say is thank God it wasn’t raining, whilst queuing, I saw  a man crossing the road with a gorgeous round vintage mirror, and I was thinking damn – all the good stuff will be gone by the time I get in there. 

Queue starts moving and we are in there in no time-; I spotted my first item on the first stand and chiching- into my bag it went.
Prices were dearer at the Battersea car-booty compared to the ones I regularly visit, at the same time there were some amazing items on sale and you have opportunities to bargain. There you will find range of items, from vintage chanel dresses, Christian Laboutine shoes to Aynsley vintage Tea-sets, Paintings, Vintage Books etc…
A vintage Conway 1950s Camera which is an amazing find for those interested in Antique Cameras and Pretty vintage cutlery Set.It is such a good atmosphere in there, if you get hungry there is a guy selling tasty fresh homemade cakes, cookies, bread, so you can refuel in the middle or after all the bargaining, chatting and shopping.


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