Pretty Regency Royal Stafford Trio

I love Teacup Trios, when collecting, sometimes Duos – (Teacup and saucer) do not make sense to me, unless it is really valuable.

In this picture we have a Regency Royal Stafford est 1845. Weirdest thing is i don’t even like blue. But look at that pattern and mix of colours, Its a Must have and is worth the Find

Regency Royal Stafford Trio est 1845

I found this Trio at a garage sale which is opened 6 days a week. owned by a lovely warm old Man called Peter- who makes me really miss my dad. The Garage is a typical small Untidy Bric-a Brac shop, in it  you can find anything and everything if you have time and patience to look through the piles of items. First time i visited the shop, it was a lovely sunny afternoon, i was on my way to the post office then i saw this Big Sign written Garage sale. Naturally- with my history of Vintage/ Antique Hunting- i detoured into the shop and i was not a disappointed;

The number of times i have been there, Peter might as well give me a loyalty card.  I must take some photos to share with you on my next visit.

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