Fashion Spots

I would like to do little bits of street fashion whilst on my errands  but i always wondered how people feel when they are asked if they can spare a minute to have their picture taken by some random person on the street.:D

I love reading other peoples blogs and i noticed this can actually be achieved or else how did they get the pictures.

Or i should just sneakily take pictures or random people like a weird stalker, OK that would be interesting. BUT no i wont do that. I will brave it and bring you the latest on vintage street fashion. Wish me luck. 😀

This weekend I did spot a lovely lady with this beautiful Vintage 1930s Cashmere evening coat at the vintage fair. At the same time below are the fashion spots overall for the weekend

Vintage Chanel Dress

Accessories: Handbags, Shoes, Jewellery

Christian Louboutins
Cream Michael Kors Hand Bag
Some beautiful Designer Jewellery

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