1940s Fur Poncho and Matching Hand Bag

I went to the Alexandra Palace Vintage Fair and found some beautiful 1950s vintage Fur poncho and Handbag from Gigi’s Dressing Room.

Please note that this is not JiJJy’s Vintage but Gigi’s Dressing Room, just a big coincidence that our names are similar. Different spelling but same pronounciation. I met the lovely Gigi at Alexandra palace antique fair. What an amazing collection of vintage clothes she has, i managed to walk away with this gorgeous 1950s Fux Poncho and Handbag.

Fux Poncho from Gigi’s Dressing Room
1950s Handbag from Gigi’s Dressing Room

This are my finds for this month of may, i can not wait to use them. All i need is an event where i will get the opportunity to wear them. Girls you know how it goes. Gigi has been collecting her stunning vintage collection for over 20yrs. I will have to share with you more about her beautiful collection in a different posting.

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