Welcome to JiJJy’s Vintage

Hey Guys,
Welcome to the lovely world of JiJJy’s vintage.
This is my first posting, i am nervously excited. 😀

I created this blog because I am crazy about everything Vintage and Antiques.
What I love most is collecting Vintage Teacup, and just noticed my collection is really growing; some times its really hard to find the makers stamps and which year they are from. So for this reasons as well as the fact that its so much fun, i thought it would be lovely to get all collectors together, we all share the same passion, it would be lovely to share the experience and knowledge.
I have created accounts for

Facebook,:- JijjysVintage
Twitter,- JiJJysVintage
Instagram- (coming soon)

So please join JiJJy on this platforms to share images, knowledge and your latest finds and basically your Vintage/antique Journey.

I am looking forward to our chats over coffee/Tea by our Laptops, Ipads, etc… 😀
There is a vintage fair this Sunday may 19th details at www.pa-antiques.com , which I am not missing.  

Comment and Share with me your thoughts

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